Kaz's Rants and Reviews

Kazriko Ruĝungo
Pretends to be a human. Weapon Focus: Computers. Uses Linux and Windows 2k because all other more powerful and enjoyable operating systems have been killed off (Beos, OS/2, AmigaOS.) Vaguely interested in anthropomorphic stuff, but not the icky bits. Used to operate a Dialup BBS and was on Fidonet. Enjoys comics on the web. Alternately pessimistic and optimistic about the human race. This leads to a libertarian viewpoint tainted by the knowledge that it won't completely work with our current set of humans and is too easy to pull off course (like democracy.) Optimisticly deist but pessimistically agnostic. Builds control computers for fun. Writes python for fun. Likes logic games, RPGs, and turn based tactical and strategy games. Hates realtime clickfest RTS games. Sometimes excessively stubborn. Likes bizarre music.