I know I said I wasn't going to use this anymore, but this is for a good cause.

The Children's hospital in Denver does a great job with kids, and with my own kid being early I figured it was time for me to help out. I'm going to match all donations to my page there up to $100.

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New feed

The _ju feed is dead, go ahead and delete it otherwise it will keep cluttering things up due to the poorly written nature of that site's RSS feed.

The new feed is here. http://syndicated.livejournal.com/kazriko_sa/profile

It uses openid for login, so if you want to comment on the blog you can just click over and use your username.livejournal.com as the openid name. The feed only shows partial posts, click over to see the whole thing.

The actual site is http://socia.arkaic.com
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Experiments in Blogging

I've installed Pinax, but it's still not quite ready for use yet. I thought I might submit a sort of mini review of the beta version of Pinax here.

It's rather large. And seems to do way too much. It's a bit like the jack of all trades, master of none. Compared to Django, it's a big boost in speed in getting SOMETHING together. I finished the site to where it would be usable for most people in about 5 hours while watching Anime. When you drift outside of the safe confines of what it already has defined though it tends to be poorly documented. Luckily, unlike JoeUser, the source code is right there waiting for me to dig in and start patching things up.

I started with the Social-project and started trimming it down and finding any bugs that would preclude me from using it. Here's my todo list before I'm ready to post the new site up for people to use.
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Once I knock out enough of this todo list, I'll post my new site here. It supports OpenID as well, so you can login using your livejournal account and not even setup a password or email address on my site. For example, if I were to login to the site, I can just type kazriko.livejournal.com to use my LJ identity. It would then redirect me to LJ's page where I can approve the site or not. After that, back to the site where I can post a comment, etc. (Email address though is handy because it will let you know when your comments are replied to, etc.)

Joe user rss feed...

Looks like the Joe User site won't work out, I'm going to purge the feed off here. They keep updating their date stamps which causes other sites to include the same post multiple times. :(

Not sure what to do next. Maybe I'll check with that site Zaitcev is on.
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Another feed.

I've added my google reader feed here.



Should I add one for my ImpulseDriven site? maybe... I can't seem to make it work correctly though, I think they targeted the Impulse client a bit too much. :( I guess I'll stick to JoeUser and Google Reader.

Warning: This one is really noisy. Probably 3-5 posts per day minimum, and some of the sites don't properly cut their text... :(

Multimedia Completion: April

I was busy this month on episodic games mostly. Only managed 1 book.


8. The Multiplex Man, James Hogan. Interesting book for being written in the very early 90's. Talks about the US turning into a green socialist monstrosity, while the former Russian held countries went off into space without us, and had significantly more freedom.


3. Wolfenstein 3D. Played the PS3 version of this. Took about 8 hours to get through all 6 episodes, but I was trying to be thorough.

4. Sam and Max: The Penal Zone. Pretty good humor in this one. Definitely worth the money.

5. Penny Arcade: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness part 2: Not particularly challenging nor long... The battles do get a bit annoying towards the end. Especially the last boss. Takes about 10 minutes and then it's mostly out of your hands... I do wonder when they'll get part 3 out.

6. Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. This one seemed awfully short. Pretty funny though.


23. The critic, complete series. Man, they do like to beat a joke to death in this one. It is chortle-inducing though. My wife really likes the series. The second season really lightens it up from the rather dreary first season. The Add-a-kid is a bit two dimensional though. (Was drawn that way, I'm sure...)

24. The Chronicles of Riddick. An interesting end to the whole pitch black thing... I wonder if they'll make a sequel. *shrug* I'm not sure it's worth seeing a sequel in theaters though.

RSS feeds on comics

I've started using Google Reader on things. It makes everything so much more convenient and reduces the amount of time I spend on the internet...

I just started putting my video series I watch into RSS as well, under a separate folder...

The next step, of course, is to get all of my comics in, relieving me of the drudgery of hitting comics pages that have no updates, or trying to remember the last time I read all of my comic pages.

Unfortunately, not all of the comics have RSS feeds yet. Schlock, and a handful of others do, but Freefall, 21st Century Fox, Sabrina Online, Jack, Misfile, and Punch an Pie don't yet have RSS feeds for their comics. At least 3 of them are pretty consistent on updates, so I'll just have to remember the MWF schedule plus the first of every month for half of them.

Unfortunately 4 of those are some of the best comics I read, so I guess I'll have to keep a page around to keep track of just those comics. I think I'm going to have to make RSS feeds a criterion for following any new comic though, otherwise I'm just wasting time...

Friends don't let friends buy Apple products...


I think Apple, if they hadn't already crossed over into the evil category, has definitely done a cannonball into lake Evil with this one.

And this...


It seems like Apple and Microsoft are definitely stepping up their collaborative effort that they've been doing while pretending to compete through the 90's and 2000's...